The Ascendancy Of Functional Health Beverages

Major beverage market segments include alcohol, beer, bottled water, coffee
and tea, juices, milk and dairy, nutraceuticals, soft drinks, spirits, nutritional,
wine, as well as health and wellness.

Underneath health and wellness, there is a sub-segment– functional health
beverages. These include products made from mangosteen, acia berry, noni,
and pomegranate-regional fruits used for thousands of years by local people
under the guidance of their native doctors.

These fruits have been used internally and topically. Local experience and folklore
have generated claims of various, almost magical, healing powers for these

Since these are fruits and cannot be patented, no business is willing to do double
blind studies to learn if the efficacy of these fruits is statistically significant and
exceeds the potency of synthetic drugs for the same healing purpose.

Acia Berries, well regarded by Oprah Winfrey and Julian Whitaker, M.D., are
found in the Amazon Rain Forests. Claims are made Acai berries are a great
energizer and kill cancer cells (at least in laboratory testing).

Pomegranate is claimed to be a free radical scavenger, having high Vitamin C
content. This fruit has origins in Iran and Afghanistan, spreading to the whole
Mediterranean Region.

Noni comes from the Pacific Islands. One proponent explained noni this way.
“Noni doesn’t cure, it causes miracles.” Apparently, that means that noni has
a multiplicity of positive, astonishing uses.

Mangosteen originated in South East Asian countries. This fruit’s pericarp
has more than 40 powerful anti-oxidants named xanthones. This finding comes
from Asian university studies.

Since everyone’s body is unqiue, biochemical individuality makes the results
of these super fruits varied and unpredictable–yet sometimes helpful when all
else fails.

I may take acai berry for something. It may not work for me at all, but it may
provide a 100% improvement for someone else.

These four fruits are the basis for branded functional health beverage products.

Xango, a mangosteen based beverage with other fruits, is a strong, growing
internationally brand. Xango, like other top quality brands of functional health
brands, are sold through network marketing distributors.

Increasingly, consumers can find these products in natural foods stores, too,
although the quality of these may be somewhat less than excellent without
providing lower prices.

Distributors can also add new distributors to their groups, using the Internet.
No inventory, product deliveries, hype meetings, or multiple distributorships
are ever required. Xango, LLC pays distributors in their own currency,
eliminating currency risk.

American network marketers can thank Matol KM, the first functional health
beverage marketed in the United States, starting in the 1980’s. The company’s
still around, as is Matol KM, though no longer market dominant.

A foul tasting formula developed by Karl Jurak in the 1920’s, Matol KM claimed
to provide higher energy levels by balancing PH balance and eliminating toxins,
thanks to its high potassium content. Jurak was a strong, powerful looking man,
deeply tanned and usually shown doing vigorous athletics.

Functional health beverages are here to stay. If you have health issues not helped
by conventional medicine, you may wish to explore these products. They may or
may not benefit you, but certainly it’s worth a try, since these ingredients are natural.

If you’re looking for a self-employment opportunity with low start up and operating
expenses, functional health beverage network marketing opportunities should be

My view is that all fruits used as functional health beverages are good, since they
were created by God and placed around the world for our use. In the Bible, God
says in the creation, he gave us what we need for life and health. So, I’m not
surprised by positive results these super fruits provide.

Add these to your arsenal of natural health enhancers and remedies. Eliminate
junk food and prescription drugs, with your doctor’s guidance, finding the right
mix of health building foods and natural nutrients.